My name is Jeanne Knapp. I  wrote a children’s mystery as my stay at home activity. I bought several copies of both versions of my four books. I'm hoping once we get back to somewhat of a normal life I can take them to bookstores in person and ask if they would sell them or at least maybe I could let them know that I have them on Amazon.

I did drop off a set of my books at the north branch of the Blue Springs library for the Collection Development Department several weeks ago. However, no one called me back. And when I called I was told the lady who decides which books get to go on shelves suddenly had to take a leave of absence. I found out this week that my books are in the Mid Continent Public Library system (physical copies and ebooks).

I would also like to do book signings and other author events sometime somewhere. That is why I am contacting you. Would it be possible to do book signings or other author events there?

I have written four books in the series and I am writing book five. 

Synopsis of Megan and the Mysterious Boy:

Megan Mattson is a 12 year old girl  in a wheelchair who has Spina Bifida and who loves to solve mysteries. She befriends  a mysterious boy. But, first she must solve the mystery of who he is and why he keeps running when adults come near....

Synopsis of Megan and the Suspicious Visitors:

Megan Mattson and Matthew Bennett come across some suspicious visitors. Megan and Matt try to figure out who these people are and why they are in Maplewoods before anyone gets hurt.

Megan and the Sinister Minister:

Megan and other members of Maplewoods Baptist welcome a new pastor Evan Cook and his wife Misty and their daughters Jeannette and Emma. Jeannette is the same age as Megan and Matt so they quickly become friends.  As Megan meets this family it is apparent to her that there is a secreet that Pastor Evan has a secret which Megan, Matt, and Jeannette help Sheriff Tucker uncover.

Book #4 Megan and the Mischievous Musicians

Megan Mattson and Matt Fry are 12 years old and love to help people and solve mysteries. Megan helped Sheriff Tucker discover who Matt was and she became Matt’s very best friend. Together, they solved the mystery of the motorcycle gang  (Megan and the Suspicious Visitors) and mystery of the minister with a seemingly sinister past (Megan and the Sinister Minister). Now, in Megan and the Mischievous Musicians, Megan and and Matt must figure out who is behind the mysterious death and illnesses in this mystery of music, mischief, mayhem, and...of course...murder! 

Amazon Books: Megan and the Mysterious Boy:


Amazon Paperback version of Book #2, Megan and the Suspicious Visitors:


Amazon paperback Book #3 Megan and the Sinister Minister (Megan Mattson) 


Megan and the Mischievous Musicians https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P98ZJPX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-nbXFb4QN313A

Barnes & Noble paperback version Megan and the Mysterious Boy


Barnes & Noble paperback version of my second book, Megan and the Suspicious Visitors:


Barnes & Noble paperback version of book #3 Megan and the Sinister Minister on Barnes & Noble website:‬


Barnes & Noble paperback edition of my fourth book Megan and the Mischievous Musicians


Jeanne Knapp


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Thank you for these valuable resources. I purchased Your First 1000 Copies. As I prepare to promote my memoirs 10 year anniversary I know it will be invaluable. God bless, Cat

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