Hi! I’m J.R. Heimbigner.

I love self-publishing books. I also love to help other writers.

I have self-published five #1 bestselling books on Amazon with over 8,000 downloads to date. I’m currently working on two more books and a variety of products.

There has never been a better time to publish a book. You can find my books on Amazon and writer’s resources on Gumroad.

My goal is to help writers become authors. I do this with my books and resources and by sharing everything I know exclusively here on Substack.

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I want to share with you what to expect from my here on Substack. Mostly because there are a lot of ways to do things. However, I want to make my current direction clear.

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If you don’t decide to join the paid subscription, but want to support me in other ways, here are my books on Amazon first, and then what I have to offer on Gumroad.


  1. Productivity Success (#1 Bestseller)

  2. The Gospel of John(#1 Bestseller)

  3. Transform Your Medium Stories (#1 Bestseller)

  4. The Book of Proverbs (#1 Bestseller)

  5. The Gospel of Matthew (#1 Bestseller)

  6. Goal Setting


  1. Writers Starter Pack (FREE)

  2. The Three Box System - Notion Template and Book ($7)

  3. The Indie Author’s Publishing Template - Notion ($27)

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J.R. Heimbigner


J.R. Heimbigner
J.R. Heimbigner is a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon who loves helping people grow in their faith and help writers become authors.